PHIRI Spring School on Health Information 2024

Embark on a life-changing journey with our upcoming course, "Strengthening Resilience and Preparedness for Future Crises in Europe," presented in collaboration with the European PHIRI Network on Health Information. This online experience explores innovative topics such as health data collection, Health data analysis, policy and impact measures transfer, data protection (GDPR), and ethical considerations for health information.

With a unique pedagogical approach involving dynamic 50-60 minute lectures, discussions, and weekly group exercises, participants will be inspired to explore the future of health information in Europe. This course is designed to help you shape the future of healthcare.

Register by March 4th, 2024, and join us on this inspirational journey of discovery and transformation towards strengthening resilience and preparedness for future crises in Europe.

Topics will include:

  • Innovative health information data collection, sources, metrics and indicators;
  • Health data analysis and interpretation;
  • Transfer from health data to policy, interoperability and clinical practice;
  • Data protection (GDPR) and ethical questions for health information;
  • A Sustainable future for health information in Europe – being ready for the next pandemics.

5 Thursdays - from 7 of March to 4 of April, 9:00 – 12:30 CET

Structure and agenda:

Following a captivating keynote introduction, our course unfolds with a series of enlightening lectures delving into Health Information Systems (HIS) across European countries. Each session invites questions and discussions, fostering an interactive learning environment. Participants engage in thought-provoking group exercises every week, amplifying their understanding of the material.

In embracing the innovative "Flip Classroom" methodology, essential information is dispatched two weeks prior to each session, enriching the learning experience. Our comprehensive portal houses a wealth of information and resources, ensuring easy access to course materials and lecturer details.

Participants committing to 80% attendance, completing all exercises, and the final essay will be rewarded with a certificate, a testament to their dedication and achievement in advancing their knowledge of health information systems. Join us in this immersive educational journey toward excellence.

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